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Rain Barrel and Water tank installations for Your home, garden or office. Bay Area based Rainsavers gives the homeowner many choices of barrels, water tanks, bases and accessories. Rainsavers has developed a complete system starting with a review of your downspouts, best locations for barrels or tanks and simple treatment of rain water.

Follow the Benefits link above to learn the advantages of collecting Rain water.

Even with the lack of rain 2014/15 Rainsavers has been busy installing systems for a variety of homeowners. Those who are aware of the water problems in our State are taking steps to preserve their landscape. By installing tanks and barrels they are saving and using pure rain, at no cost, rain is free! Rainsavers had 150% growth last year and is on track to repeat this year.

Rainsavers completes rain water harvesting system in Mt. View, Calif. System used a 9000 gal. underground cistern, water pump, pressure tank, controller, valves and one hundred feet of pipe.


The video below shows the amount of rain at one location from a light rain in late December. This rainfall was less than .15 inches of rain.
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