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It started with my wife placing pitchers and pots on the front porch when it was raining to collect water for her potted plants  The South Bay measures its rain  in hundredths of an inch, so every drop counts. In 2008, I installed three barrels at our home and was surprised how quickly they filled, even with a light rain. Often winter months are dry, the water is used and then refilled with the next rain.

I have been self employed most of my career as a second generation Cable TV Operator. I served Los Gatos, Menlo Park, parts of San Jose and Cupertino. This company was sold in 2007 and I have been consulting since.

Advantages of using Rain water

Rainwater collection systems were widely used before well drilling equipment and treated municipal water supplies became available. In many parts of the world, rainwater still provides the majority of the water needed to meet agricultural requirements and, in some cases, potable water as well.

Reduce the amount of stress on the municipal water treatment facilities while saving on water bills and providing your garden with the benefits of collected rainwater.  Rain does not contain some of the chemicals or minerals municipal water supplies have.  Fluoride, chlorine and iron to name a few.  Rainwater harvesting appears to be one of the most promising alternatives for supplying freshwater in the face of increasing water scarcity and escalating demand.  Parts of the Bay Area are rationing to meet demand.

This is not a new technology, rain water harvesting has been used for centuries. Rain is free, always comes each year, the cost to collect it is minimal.

Rainsavers can show you where barrels will be most effective. Downspouts have different flow rates. Good planning and setup will maximize the collection. Basic barrels are most economical while decorative barrels can be attractive and add value to a home.
Brad Daniel

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