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Parts of the United States are in (or are about to enter) a drought period, facing possible water restrictions. In February 2009, the Governor of California ordered that mandatory water rationing and mandatory reductions in water use will be introduced. The Governor has called for a statewide water reduction of 20%. Some climatologists warn that weather patterns are already changing and traditional rainfall levels are expected to drop in many areas.

Green Living

Green living is now becoming a way of life for a many Americans. Some people are seeking methods to reduce the future impact on the environment and climate. Twenty percent of California’s power consumption is used to collect, transport and treat water.

In areas of major urbanization the environment is suffering from increased run-off that cannot soak naturally into the ground. As a result, aquifers are not filling at a rate fast enough to restore their pre-urban levels.

Saving Rain water for Landscaping

Using rain water for landscaping is a smart way to conserve water. The majority of use in a home is landscaping. Depending on the size of the barrels or tanks on a property, hundreds or thousands of gallons can be saved. In many countries, this is the only source of fresh water. Large collection systems and cisterns are used and can supply a home for months.

Caring for the environment

Water is a precious resource and every drop counts.  Water saved from residential consumption can be used to keep river and aquifer levels healthy or supply farmers who produce our food. Rain barrels help reduce energy consumed in the production and delivery of drinking water. They also reduce  run-off onto your neighbors homes.


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