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ARB Diverter. Galvanized

With the ARB diverter, the outlet of a downspout must be modified, so that the water is passed around the base of the barrel. Once the barrel is full, the excess water will then flow beyond the base, preventing an unstable barrel. Close when container is full or when you are done for the season. Made of galvanized steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The 2x3 Diverter can be used with a 3” round or 2”x3” rectangular downspout, metal or plastic and is 11” tall by 3” wide. It can be painted to match the house.

Bypass diverter 2”x3”, can be used for round or rectangular downspouts. Routes water to the barrel with the push of a lever.
Bypass Diverter
Cinder Block
$49 installed
Plastic Stand
$42, installed
Large Tanks
500 – 12000 Gal available
Rainsavers Options
1 Rain Gauges, installed at time of barrel inst. $12.50
2 Earthquake Straps Installed at time of  barrel installation. Highly recommended Secures barrel to house siding. $ 29.50
3 Barrel painting – Matches house color. Barrels are sanded and painted with exterior latex. $55./ea.  
4 Chlorine pack - Shock quick 1 lbs. bag. One teaspoon per 55 gal. Prevents algae and mosquito growth, added only in the spring. Winter barrels will be used before algae can grow. $8.25
5 Soaker water hose
Connected to a rainbarrel. This hose saturates the area around it as long as water is available.
6 Splash Block
Diverts water away from house and barrel base.
Green or brown
7 Watering Cans
Metal Cans  $42   Plastic Cans $14.
1.75 Gal. Marrakesh Red
1.75 Gal. Raspberry
1.75 Gal   Galvanized
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