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Rainsavers will come to your home, discuss with the homeowner where they would like the barrels or tanks, the type, colors, options and stands. It is important that this review be done because there are different flow rates from each downspout. By placing the barrels in the best locations, this will maximize the filling of your barrels in light rains. Our stands elevate the barrel for easy connection of a garden hose or to fill watering cans. Using gravity, a hose can water a lawn or garden. Once elevated, the barrel can be a tipping hazard if the ground below is saturated with rain. A 65 gallon barrel weighs 535 lbs. Rainsavers can install earthquake straps to secure the barrel to the side of the house. Our Diverters/ Options page outlines these and other choices the homeowner has with Rainsavers.

The downspout that is on each corner of a home can be modified using a diverter so that a simple lever can be turned to divert the rain from flowing to the ground to go to the barrel. Once the barrel is full, simply push the lever back to have the excess flow to the ground. Multiple barrels can also be connected together that can fill as many barrels as you have room for. If you prefer large water tanks, ones starting at 105 gallons can be installed. Farms and ranches use even larger tanks, 5000 galons and more. These are very large,(the size of a garage), if you have the room and want that kind of storage, contact  Rainsavers for specific estimates.


Basic Barrels

23” dia. X 42”H
$100 -60 Gal. Plus Sales Tax

These barrels come in black, with removable tops, brass faucets and sizes 55, 65 gallons. All barrels can be painted to match the house color or trim. Painting is an available option with Rainsavers. These are high quality, polyethylene vinyl. No contamination from the plastic.

Decorative Barrels (Plus Sales Tax)
Square Spruce, $225
40 Gal. Ht. 42” x 22” D
Wood can be painted or stained.
Rain Collector, $159
53 Gal. Ht. 35” x 27” dia
No longer available - Green
300 Gal. 60”H x 45”W x 37”L
Terra Cotta Flower pot barrel, $259
75 Gal. Ht. 40” x 29 W
Terra Cotta, $234
54 Gal. 38" H x 26"W x 25" D
Flat Back, tan
50 Gal.
33.5H  x  24"W  x 18" D
Madison Rain Catcher, $239
40 Gal. 35”H x 23”W x 19”D
Flat Back Woodgrain, $188
50 Gal. 33.5H  x  24"W  x  18"D
Bushman 205 Tank $340. Four colors.
205 Gal.
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic resin in oak color.
  • Resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting.
  • UV-resistance prevents fading and deterioration.
  • High-quality brass spigot.
  • Shut-off valve for hose hook-up or dual overflow on flat back barrels.
  • Can be linked to other barrels for increased capacity.
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