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Tanks come in many sizes, shapes and now more colors. Starting at 200 gallons and can go to 13000 for above ground. Underground cisterns can be 500 – 15000 gallons. Even larger sizes for commercial applications. Rainsavers has built a 9000 gallon system in Mt. View. This system required a 1.5hp pump, pressure tank, controller, valves and piping. Depending on your needs, Rainsavers has the tanks and experience to install them. Below are some examples of Bushman, Norwesco and Snyder tanks.

2011 Rainsavers installation, dual 620 Bushman tanks.

A 1100 Gal. Bushman tank, 2011

Single 620 tank, San Jose, Ca. 2011

Norwesco above ground tanks. The orange one is a below grd, septic tank. These tanks come in black or dark green. Sizes are 106, 210, 306, 550, 1100, 1800, 2800, 3000, 3650, 4900, 5000, 6100, 6500, 10000

Snyder tanks are very similar to Norwesco. Prices range from $299. for a 210 gal.
$499. For the 550 gal.
$1199. For a 2500 gallon

Bushman tanks come in round or Slimline. The Slimline fits on sideyards where rounds will not, being only 22" wide. They cost more, but hard to beat for space saving.

Large fiberglass tanks are built to withstand the underground pressure of expanding, contracting earth. Call for estimates.

Rainsavers has many partners in business. These organizations help promote RWH and we appreciate their cooperation.

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